As good as it gets

I adore movies. Films are one of my regular delights. Next to books, movies are definitely my most pleasurable pastime. I can visualize someone or a group of someone’s writing the witty one-liners, the incomparable comebacks, and the vicious attack that can only be said by someone who is truly disturbing. My favorite type of film is a suspenseful thriller. The more intricate the story, the better. I drool over clever stories.

Unfortunately, suspenseful thrillers that are well done are not plentiful and so I find myself drawn to different genres here and there. A comedy I saw with Jack Nicholson has his character deliver a line that I have found lodged in my mind, I’m fairly certain, for all time. It is by far my favorite line because of content and context.

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Dermott enjoyed his midday lunches. He had always found them to be one of the most appealing times of day. Especially, in the Spring when the weather wasn’t hot yet for Summer and not cold any longer for Winter. No, Spring was indeed the most capital of seasons and his lunches in the midst of it were marvelous.

Some time ago, never mind how long, Dermott decided that lunch time was to become a meal and opportunity to treat himself to the pleasure of formality. He also decided that regardless of what he prepared for the repast, he would determinedly invite friends and family to attend his event and enjoy the spontaneity of not requesting RSVP. See, without knowing who was to arrive for the midday adventure, he was forcing himself to rely on his available resources. In other words, he only used what he had on hand.

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Love in Birmingham

The day before Thanksgiving my Dad fell in love with a woman in Birmingham. We had been driving forever, it seemed, and had stopped for a much needed bathroom break at Arby’s off of Interstate 65 south. Before we climbed out of the truck we looked at one another and I said, “I don’t want to buy anything. I’m not hungry, are you?” He replied he wasn’t but even so we needed to utilize the facilities and decided to toss propriety out the window.

We looked rough. Driving does that to people. The drive starts clean and tidy, but after a few hours on the road folks just can’t help looking a bit wrangled. It had been an interesting day in a way that reminds me of a movie I saw not long ago. It started out pretty well, quickly turned into a mess, improved, and became messy again then finished a little flat.

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