So, who am I?

That is a very big question. One that is not simple for anyone to answer, or I don’t believe it should be, anyway.

Demographically, I am 40-ish, female, married, a mother, a pet owner, property owner, and tax payer. As for the rest of it, that is perhaps better decided by others and not dictated by my very biased self.


Each person who crosses my path will handily form their own very specific opinion about who I am in any given moment. (Any given moment because, as a human, I am constantly changing who I am and who I want to be.) I believe the opinion of others isn’t completely necessary to answer this question of who I am. However, I do believe it is important to give an adequate degree of consideration when an opinion of who I am is offered. To me, the purpose of asking “who am I?” is for me to understand myself and my beliefs at their core; look at my actions and truly be aware of who I am, not just who I want to be. I use these revelations to consciously choose my future pathway. It is rarely easy for me to accept this level of self scrutiny. I’m not always ready to face deep seated beliefs or realizations that I am not who I believe myself to be. Much less do something about it. Yet, I feel strongly that doing so is vital to my journey.

So, that’s me.