Soul mates

Ebb and flow
Decisions of love
One wave
Brings a tide of emotion
A hindrance to
Progress of personal ambition
Another wave
Brings foam to smother the emotion
For being imbalanced
Love of self begins to grow
The tide recedes
Leaving loneliness
In the sand
Small holes of opportunity
Appear to either
Fill the void again or
Keep the feelings at bay
What will the tide bring next?

To Come and Go

It was bright. She remembered that her eyes needed a moment to adjust to the light and that was why it hurt to look around. After a moment, she moved forward. She could see a patch of green ahead and it seemed much more inviting than the dark where she had come from. It had been cold there and she felt instinctively that she would feel better where it was warm.

The green she saw was flooded with the light that had caused the discomfort for her eyes. They had adjusted now and felt much better even though she was drawing nearer the source of the gleam. She walked out of the shadow of a tree line onto a large open field. Green grass and plants completely filled the area and the light, that brilliant glow, encompassed the entire expanse.

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Sound On The Stairs

As he pulled into the driveway, Charlie breathed a sigh. He often gave this exhale of breath when he arrived home, but it wasn’t the arrival that relaxed him. No, there was a visceral relief he felt knowing  there would be no torment waiting for him inside the house. He pushed the button for the garage door and watched as the great white behemoth rolled upward.

Jeanette had seemed bigger than life when they first met. She was full of energy and vitality and she had enthralled him. In her company every activity was an adventure. She was charming and witty, the life of parties. Her enthusiasm was contagious to most people it touched, and an evening spent in her company would leave him feeling a buzzing energy not usual to his more temperate demeanor.

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She was Jane

She was tenacious. From the beginning, I liked that about her. When I thought for sure she wasn’t understanding what it was I was saying, she would persist until she figured it out. She moved with purpose and it seemed like she was constantly on the lookout for her next great adventure. She had fun and she explored. She knew I admired her spirit. I tried to tell her how I felt about her. How she inspired as well as frustrated. She didn’t need much of this, but I encouraged her to pursue her dreams. When she would talk about the right time, I would tell her there will never be a right time. You have to make now the time. To her credit, she did make now happen a lot.

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First post

Here it is. My very first post on my very first personal website. I don’t wish to make much of a fuss about it. I rather feel that these kind of ‘firsts’ are better enjoyed in retrospect. I’m not entirely sure how I will use this space, but I can say that, for now, I am just appreciating it for the thing that it is.

And so, let the retrospection begin!