Sound On The Stairs

As he pulled into the driveway, Charlie breathed a sigh. He often gave this exhale of breath when he arrived home, but it wasn’t the arrival that relaxed him. No, there was a visceral relief he felt knowing  there would be no torment waiting for him inside the house. He pushed the button for the garage door and watched as the great white behemoth rolled upward.

Jeanette had seemed bigger than life when they first met. She was full of energy and vitality and she had enthralled him. In her company every activity was an adventure. She was charming and witty, the life of parties. Her enthusiasm was contagious to most people it touched, and an evening spent in her company would leave him feeling a buzzing energy not usual to his more temperate demeanor.

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Dermott enjoyed his midday lunches. He had always found them to be one of the most appealing times of day. Especially, in the Spring when the weather wasn’t hot yet for Summer and not cold any longer for Winter. No, Spring was indeed the most capital of seasons and his lunches in the midst of it were marvelous.

Some time ago, never mind how long, Dermott decided that lunch time was to become a meal and opportunity to treat himself to the pleasure of formality. He also decided that regardless of what he prepared for the repast, he would determinedly invite friends and family to attend his event and enjoy the spontaneity of not requesting RSVP. See, without knowing who was to arrive for the midday adventure, he was forcing himself to rely on his available resources. In other words, he only used what he had on hand.

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