To Come and Go

It was bright. She remembered that her eyes needed a moment to adjust to the light and that was why it hurt to look around. After a moment, she moved forward. She could see a patch of green ahead and it seemed much more inviting than the dark where she had come from. It had been cold there and she felt instinctively that she would feel better where it was warm.

The green she saw was flooded with the light that had caused the discomfort for her eyes. They had adjusted now and felt much better even though she was drawing nearer the source of the gleam. She walked out of the shadow of a tree line onto a large open field. Green grass and plants completely filled the area and the light, that brilliant glow, encompassed the entire expanse.

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As good as it gets

I adore movies. Films are one of my regular delights. Next to books, movies are definitely my most pleasurable pastime. I can visualize someone or a group of someone’s writing the witty one-liners, the incomparable comebacks, and the vicious attack that can only be said by someone who is truly disturbing. My favorite type of film is a suspenseful thriller. The more intricate the story, the better. I drool over clever stories.

Unfortunately, suspenseful thrillers that are well done are not plentiful and so I find myself drawn to different genres here and there. A comedy I saw with Jack Nicholson has his character deliver a line that I have found lodged in my mind, I’m fairly certain, for all time. It is by far my favorite line because of content and context.

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Love in Birmingham

The day before Thanksgiving my Dad fell in love with a woman in Birmingham. We had been driving forever, it seemed, and had stopped for a much needed bathroom break at Arby’s off of Interstate 65 south. Before we climbed out of the truck we looked at one another and I said, “I don’t want to buy anything. I’m not hungry, are you?” He replied he wasn’t but even so we needed to utilize the facilities and decided to toss propriety out the window.

We looked rough. Driving does that to people. The drive starts clean and tidy, but after a few hours on the road folks just can’t help looking a bit wrangled. It had been an interesting day in a way that reminds me of a movie I saw not long ago. It started out pretty well, quickly turned into a mess, improved, and became messy again then finished a little flat.

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